July 25, 2018

Accurately Cite Your Own Sources

Sample of Reference can Help You Grasp the Basics of Precise Citation

Research paper writing necessitates thorough examination of the subject matter, requiring the researcher to make use of other author’s works. Utilizing the works of other writers is not prohibited; provided you do in-text citation and you accurately refer to all your references at the end of your project. There are numbers of ways to cite your resources, it depends on the paper format you are required to use, or on your preference, if you are given the option to choose your own paper format. In case you find it difficult to understand the basics, sample of references can be found on the web. You may take a look at these samples to make certain that you are doing it the right way. Order your dissertation on https://phdify.com/.

It is imperative for you to learn the accurate citation style, for that will reflect the amount of time you have given to your paper. Find time to read and take note of the basics of the writing format, for most of these formats have different rules.

MLA research paper is one of the most commonly used formats. Its in-text rules are quite simple:

• Use author-page style. Mention the last name of the author, together with the page number (page numbers must be placed inside the parentheses).


According to Freud, “the ego is formed to a great extent out of identifications taking the place of cathexes on the part of the id which have been abandoned” (68).

“The loss of a friend is like that of a limb. Time may heal the anguish of the wound, but the loss cannot be repaired” Southey (424).

You must keep in mind that your in-text citation should lead your readers to the Works Cited List, which you will place at the end of your project. Your Work Cited List must contain all information; you must capitalize all first letters of the titles, however, never use uppercase letters for articles. Entries must be alphabetized, authors’ names must be stated with the last name, first name format. Do not include degrees (DDS, MA), but add in suffixes (Jr., Sr.,III, etc) after the middle names.

Another frequently used writing style is the APA research paper outline. This can truly make your paper looked professionally written.

• This requires for an author-date format. Mention the author’s last name followed by the date (Smith, 1989). Other details of the reference should be completely listed on your Reference List.

When you come across sources with an anonymous author, you may cite the work by using the anonymous word as the author’s name, (Anonymous, 2009).

Evidently, understanding and mustering these formats as well as the research paper outline is not easy. Again, you may take advantage of what is readily available to be used as your samples; sample research papers which have samples of references can make writing a little bit easier. When you intend to learn how to make a research paper, you will also have to understand the importance of accurate citation of your sources. Again, your ability to give credit to whom it is due will indicate writing competence.