July 25, 2018

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It is Vital that You Know How to Cite a Paper

Writing a research paper necessitates you to learn several things. Indeed, research paper writing is not just about thorough investigation of the research topic and articulate presentation of data. Knowing how to make a research paper also entails the grasp of how to cite a paper. Referencing, however, depends on the writing style that you are required to make use of. Hence, it is imperative that you have the understanding on the citing format that is called for.

As a beginner, you will probably feel helpless with these citations. It can be complicated, especially when you are not even aware of the writing styles. On the other hand, sample research papers can greatly assist you in accomplishing an accurate citation. Paper examples utilizing various research paper outlines would definitely be useful for you to learn the basics of different referencing styles.

It is important that your in-text citation leads your reader to your reference page. It is imperative that you read books and articles for a more detailed explication. Each format has different requirements, thus, it is a must that you perform extensive research on the paper outline which had been required by your professor.

The most commonly used paper formats are:
•    APA Format or the American Psychological Association. Create your “Reference List” at the end of your paper. Do not underline nor use bold letters. You are to mention the last name of the author, followed by his initials, followed by the year of publication, and then, period. State the title of the written work, followed by a comma, and then the page number(s). Use “-“ to refer to uninterrupted numbers pages. Several samples can be found on web pages and books regarding the APA outline. Your entries must be alphabetized. Use ampersand (&) as an alternative to the word “and” when referring to two or more authors. When no name is given but an organization had been provided, you may use the organization name as author.

•    MLA or Modern Language Association. Similar to APA, there are countless articles deliberating on the MLA format. You use “Works Cited” page instead of “Reference List” when using the MLA format. It is also important to move in the succeeding lines to create hanging indentions. Make sure that you capitalize every word of the title of your piece of writing but never capitalize your articles and conjunctions. You may either underline or italicize title of longer works. You are to mention the last name of the author, comma, followed by his first name, then, his middle initial, if available. Again, entries must be alphabetically arranged. Use titles when the name of author has not been mentioned.

Referencing can be quite difficult. It is important to take notes and focus. Your ability to accurately cite your sources will help you put up your credibility and will demonstrate professionalism. Knowing how to cite a paper is a significant aspect of research paper writing which can intensely affect your writing integrity.